1. in an abundant manner (Freq. 1)

they were abundantly supplied with food


he thanked her profusely

Syn: ↑abundantly, ↑copiously, ↑profusely
Derived from adjective: ↑copious (for: ↑copiously), ↑abundant (for: ↑abundantly)
2. in a wasteful manner

the United States, up to the 1920s, used fuel lavishly, mainly because it was so cheap

Syn: ↑lavishly
Derived from adjective: ↑lavish (for: ↑lavishly), ↑extravagant
3. in a rich and lavish manner

lavishly decorated

Syn: ↑lavishly, ↑richly
Derived from adjective: ↑rich (for: ↑richly), ↑lavish (for: ↑lavishly)

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